Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Good Intentions

Did I clean the shelves and wash the ornaments?   NO
Did I clean behind the furniture ready for Christmas?   NO
Did I write Christmas cards because they have started arriving?   NO
Did I shop early and wrap?   NO
Did I sort out the bedding for the folk who are coming the week before Christmas.   NO
So what did I do?
I put up and decorated two Christmas trees then spent hours looking for my favourite star to put on the top of one.   Well one must get one's priorities right and I am one of the Loonies OK?

M. Black

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Doctor

You would, wouldn't you? If he turned up now, at the front door, knocking loudly, on a cold, dreich December night, the sink  piled high with dishes, washing strewn from upstairs down, bills across the kitchen table detailing debts to be paid, the woodpile lower than you would like, a fridge half empty, work tomorrow (the same as the day before), a hoover needing emptied, responsibilities everywhere, an oven to be cleaned- life somehow being half-lived no matter how hard you try to live ... 

You'd go. Time and space. Yours. Running.

Small Things

A coconut-fragranced candle sits beside me, its warm glow reflected in the jam jar. A gift given, bought with pocket money pennies, presented with jammy hands at an event forgotten- though the accompanying cuddle remains in memory, that unthinking embrace only a child can offer, so full of 'right now, right now I love you' before running off again towards a plate of empire biscuits. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sunshine on Leith

 We went to see 'Sunshine on Leith' tonight in the Screen Machine in Lairg. It was terrific!  How wonderful to see it all happening in Edinburgh, where I lived for 15 years, where my husband was born and brought up and where our children were brought up until we moved to Sutherland in 1975. It was all so believeable and such a happy film. I wanted to sing all the songs and dance in the isles.
 When we get Independence, I think this film should be shown in an outside arena (The Meadows perhaps?) where all the YES voters will gather. What a celebration that will be!
  Lily MacKenzie

Won Hindred End Fortee Crackateers

One, five, four, two, three, sing a song of Numeracy;

A, D, C, B, E, sing a song of Litarasie.

Be new: no imitation

Do not exceed your limi 

John Jas Smith